“Keep up with the Joneses”: to always want to own the same expensive objects and do the same things as your friends or neighbours because you are worried about seeming less important socially than they are.

ad:informal for advertisement.

advertising: the business of trying to persuade people to buy products or services.

alliteration: the use, especially in poetry, of the same sound or sounds, especially consonants, at the beginning of several words that are close together.

allusion: something that is said or written that intentionally makes you think of a particular thing or person.

antithesis: the exact opposite.

appeal: to interest or attract someone.

assert: to say that something is certainly true.

brand: a type of product made by a particular.

branding: the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.

endorse: to appear in an advertisement, saying that you use and like a particular product.

exaggeration: when someone makes something seem larger, more important, better or worse than it really is.

eye-catching: particularly attractive or noticeable.

foreground: to give the most importance to a particular subject.

metaphor: an expression which describes a person or object in a literary way by referring to something that is considered to possess similar characteristics to the person or object you are trying to describe.

packaging: the materials in which objects are wrapped before being sold.

persuasive: making you want to do or believe a particular thing.

redundant: unnecessary because it is more than is needed.