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Teachers Guide

How to Use the Teaching Materials
In this course we will look at the social and cultural implications of water resources management and control in the different regions in the world. Issues to be addressed during the course:

1. Modern India: Water Resources Management.
2. Globalisation: Water Resources Control (Bolivia, California, Philippines).
3. Water Debate: Language and Power.

The teaching materials have been arranged by subjects, starting with a single case study of water management control in India, and broadening the perspective to include water resources control in the world, and finally bringing into focus a more theoretical aspect in the water debate: the importance of language and power.

The subjects presented here can be taught individually in English class or as a part of a major interdisciplinary project on water resources management and control with English, social studies and geography. Thus, the teaching materials meet the official requirements of the curriculum, for the Gymnasium and HF.

Each chapter consists of a short introduction, an article on the subject in question, study questions (pre-viewing, while-viewing, and post-viewing), and other suggested extended and interdisciplinary activities such as listening and reading comprehension, interactive quizzes, role plays, suggestions for written assignments, etc.

The teaching materials are accompanied by two documentaries:

– Thirst (Tørst)
– Drowned out (Vandets pris)

Each documentary has been divided into individual scenes, and can be viewed in part or in full.